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The Politics of (Latin American) Oil

   (Translation: “Oil belongs to all. Mexico in defense of oil”) Latin America is quite different from other oil-producing parts of the world regarding the political implications of oil. It is undoubtedly a strategic resource for producers in the region … Continue reading

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Uruguay is About to Get High. Really High

If Cheech and Chong would be around today, rather than bringing pot into the US by covering the body of a van with it (to elude the ever-implacable Sgt. Stadanko), they would save some money and fly in a hurry … Continue reading

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Crime in Latin America: More Than Meets the Eye

Photo source: Costa Rica Star ( A couple of nights ago, the PBS Newshour aired a segment about crime in Honduras, taken from a documentary filmed for British television. Even for the standards of a public more or less used … Continue reading

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