Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I have a PhD in political science from the University at Albany and spent a total of 7 years teaching introductions to Latin American politics as both visiting and adjunct faculty at public and private universities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In 2013, I was nominated by Ohio University for the first-ever Junior Teaching Award from the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs.

I also published book reviews in US and Latin American academic journals, and participated in academic conferences in both political science and Latin American studies as a presenter and a panel discussant. My main research interest is the state of Latin American democracy analyzed from the viewpoint of political philosophy, and I am currently working on a manuscript that examines Brazilian participatory budgeting utilizing the concept of deliberation as an analytical foundation. Besides blogging and academic research, I have also submitted op-ed columns for an Ohio-based Latino newspaper, as well as contributions to an online newspaper published in Spain.

I feel quite at home at German beerhouses, like to watch World Cup soccer, and am the proud owner of a collection of baseball memorabilia I look forward to bequeath to my son.

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