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A Tale of Three Investment Pitches

It is a fact that Latin American economies have reached unprecedented levels of growth during the last decade. Good macroeconomic policies played a role, but the most significant factor is the “commodity boom” that preceded the global recession of 2008: … Continue reading

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From Epigramas Author: Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua, b. 1925) Translation by LFC They told me that you were in love with another man and then I went to my bedroom and wrote that article against the government for which I am … Continue reading

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“United Fruit Co.” (from Canto general) Author: Pablo Neruda (Chile, 1904-1973) Tanslation by Jack Schmitt When the trumpet blared everything on earth was prepared and Jehovah distributed the world to Coca Cola Inc., Anaconda, Ford Motors and other entities: United … Continue reading

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Understanding Venezuela’s Bolivarian Moment

López Maya, Margarita, and Luis E. Lander. 2011. “Participatory Democracy in Venezuela: Origins, Ideas, and Implementation.” In Venezuela’s Bolivarian Democracy: Participation, Politics, and Culture Under Chávez, edited by David Smilde and Daniel Hellinger, 58-79. Durham and London: Duke University Press. … Continue reading

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In this [National] Assembly, as long as I am president, if they do not concede to [President-Elect] Nicolás [Maduro], if they do not acknowledge institutionality, no deputy will be allowed to speak on the floor. (Diosdado Cabello, president of the … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of 21st Century Socialism

Venezuela continues to follow the path toward 21st century socialism, where the human condition is reestablished, inequalities are gone, and true citizenship is a reality rather than an unfulfilled promise. In the process, its government made two very interesting announcements … Continue reading

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Yo pisaré las calles nuevamente (I Will Once Again Walk the Streets) Original lyrics by Pablo Milanés (Cuba, b. 1943) Translation by LFC I will once again walk the streets of what was bloody Santiago and, in a beautiful liberated … Continue reading

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