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The [Organization of American States] has won a more relevant space in the hemispheric community. The Inter-American Democratic Charter reflects several shared democratic values; establishes a clear symbiosis between democracy and human rights. […] Venezuela requests responsibly that the Inter-American Democratic … Continue reading

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Götterdämmerung to the Tune of a Bossa Nova

Demonstration demanding Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, March 2016. Photo credit: Miguel Schincariol/AFP. Source: Dilma Rousseff got kicked out of office and will be impeached. Her best efforts at denouncing the move as “a coup” against her were all … Continue reading

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Kiss and Make Up? (III): Obama’s Cuban Vacay

Cubans observe Air Force One approaching Havana Airport on March 20th. Source: Hell froze over. A sitting President of the United States has visited Cuba for the first time since the 1920s. It is the biggest step yet toward … Continue reading

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A sympathizer of chavismo holds a flag and a Hugo Chávez doll while participating on the march commemorating the 24th anniversary of the February 4, 1992 coup. Photo credit: Oswaldo González. Source: Ministry of the Popular Power for Communes and … Continue reading

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A Latin American “Asterix”

A 1984 Cuban postage stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of Cuban cinema with cartoon character Elpidio Valdés on the forefront. Source: Radio Rebelde (Cuba) This post contains links to video clips in Spanish. I love Asterix. I have always been … Continue reading

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About the Right to Rave

Cuban migrants in the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border. Photo credit: Reuters. Source: Telesur (Published earlier this month in the Spanish online newspaper Mundiario) I have the impression that progressives have found a very subtle and worrisome way to let themselves be … Continue reading

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Remembering a Writer Latin America Lost in 2015

Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) (Photo source: Although we cannot guess the time that will be, at least we have the right to imagine the time we want it to be. In 1948 and 1976, the United Nations proclaimed long lists of human rights, but the immense … Continue reading

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