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A Latin American “Asterix”

A 1984 Cuban postage stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of Cuban cinema with cartoon character Elpidio Valdés on the forefront. Source: Radio Rebelde (Cuba) This post contains links to video clips in Spanish. I love Asterix. I have always been … Continue reading

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Remembering a Writer Latin America Lost in 2015

Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) (Photo source: Although we cannot guess the time that will be, at least we have the right to imagine the time we want it to be. In 1948 and 1976, the United Nations proclaimed long lists of human rights, but the immense … Continue reading

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From Epigramas Author: Ernesto Cardenal (Nicaragua, b. 1925) Translation by LFC They told me that you were in love with another man and then I went to my bedroom and wrote that article against the government for which I am … Continue reading

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“United Fruit Co.” (from Canto general) Author: Pablo Neruda (Chile, 1904-1973) Tanslation by Jack Schmitt When the trumpet blared everything on earth was prepared and Jehovah distributed the world to Coca Cola Inc., Anaconda, Ford Motors and other entities: United … Continue reading

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Yo pisaré las calles nuevamente (I Will Once Again Walk the Streets) Original lyrics by Pablo Milanés (Cuba, b. 1943) Translation by LFC I will once again walk the streets of what was bloody Santiago and, in a beautiful liberated … Continue reading

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